Art Guild of Greene

Art Guild of Greene

Welcome to the Art Guild of Greene, located in the picturesque town of Stanardsville in the Piedmont region of Virginia. Our vibrant community has long been a haven for artists and craftspeople, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the county and its surrounding areas.

Here at the Art Guild of Greene, we embrace and celebrate artists from every discipline. Whether you’re a musician, dancer, poet, sculptor, writer, actor, painter, woodworker, singer, photographer, craftsman, potter, weaver, or jeweler, we warmly invite you to join our community.

Our guild is not only for artists but also for those who appreciate and support the arts. We believe that art transcends boundaries and can enrich the lives of everyone. By joining us, you become a vital part of our mission to support and promote artists in Greene and the surrounding areas.

We take pride in organizing a wide range of exhibits, classes, events, and activities that provide valuable opportunities for local artists to showcase their work. Through our efforts, we aim to bring the community closer to the arts and foster a deeper appreciation for creative expression.

By highlighting Stanardsville as a thriving center for the arts, we contribute to the cultural fabric of our town and region, creating a platform for artists to thrive and connect with a diverse audience. Join us at the Art Guild of Greene and embark on a creative journey that will inspire, invigorate, and leave a lasting impact on our community.